Transform your busy mind into a weapon of mass potential.

What's your story going to be?

Imagine picking up a book and finding it’s a biography of your life so far.

How will you feel as you read page after page?

Will you read about the fear that kept you small and living an unremarkable life?

About your cynicism that time when a colleague got that promotion? Surely it should've been yours!

Always doing what your friends wanted to do? Because pleasing them was all that mattered, wasn't it?

Will there be a chapter devoted to the anxiety that hijacked your mind and body every time you were asked to stand up to share your ideas with the team?

Is it a story of regret for a past you couldn't change?

Of worry for what was yet to happen (and will probably never would)?

Of avoiding making the decisions you really wanted to make?

So you didn’t grow to your full potential.

And you, the hero of this story, found yourself stuck.

All because you felt inferior, somehow.

Desperate for approval from others.

Moaning about a lack of control over events.

Do you like this story?

You need to, because you own it. It's the one being written by your self-talk.

If you don't why not write an exciting new chapter?

Let’s work together to tame your unhelpful self-talk and create a shift in mindset that will set you free.

Imagine becoming the lead character of your story, venturing confidently on a journey of growth and fulfilment.

The End? No. This is just the beginning.

You are the author of your own story.

So make it a good one.

Why we should work together checklist:

You definitely want to shift from...

  • Anxiety to Calmness (let everyone see that “you’ve got this”)
  • Cynicism to Optimism (be the energy everyone wants to tap into)
  • Denial to Acceptance (own it and you can deal with it)
  • Distraction to Focus (you can choose what you give your attention to. Choose wisely)
  • Fear to Courage (you may still be afraid, but that fear won’t hold you back)
  • Fixed to Growth (mindset is key. Embrace ambiguity, uncertainty and change and watch yourself fly)
  • Inertia to Action (if Just Do It is good enough for sneakers, it’s good enough for you)
  • Me to Them (developing your emotional intelligence will be the game changer)
  • People Pleasing to Assertiveness (be compassionate and decisive, not a bully or bullied)
  • Perfectionism to Realism (knowing that you’re good enough is good enough)
  • Weaknesses to Strengths (you're 15 times more likely to flourish at work if you notice your successes)

You definitely don’t want:

  • A cookie-cutter proprietary 5 step plan TM
  • A mystical guru with mysterious techniques
  • A perfect robot coach
  • Me to tell you the answers to your problems

Working together

Life Coaching:

We’ll have 8 x 1 hour Zoom coaching calls, typically over 4 months.

Your investment is £1,190 in total for the 8 sessions.

You can message me between sessions if you need support. I know life happens in between our calls.

First of all, book a free, no-obligation 45 minute introductory call. We’ll discuss what you want to get out of coaching and you’ll get a feel for what it’s like to be coached by me.

Book your free introductory call