Life & Executive coach for creative people with busy minds.

Stop the self-sabotage. Unleash your full potential.

Pause for a second.

What can you hear? Not outside. Forget the birdsong or the traffic.

What can you hear echoing In your head?

Is it “what if”, “if only”, “I can’t”, “I’ll never”, ‘what will they think”?

A vicious inner-critic? I mean, who are you to start a business or aim for that promotion?

Thoughts that sabotage your relationships with others at home or at work?

That every idea you have is a bad one?

Or that no-one is listening to you because you have nothing useful to say?

Maybe a nagging whine that you’re drifting without purpose?

This voice impacts your emotions and your body. You can feel the tension, can’t you?

It controls you. It holds you back. It doesn’t let you grow.

Crap, isn't it?

(Boffins say 80% of our daily thoughts are negative. So it’s not just you.)

Does it always have to be this way?

Well, no!

The thing is, most of it is BS. Based on your false interpretation of what’s happening. Not on the reality.

How about ending the cycle of self-sabotage keeping you stuck?

How about changing your life story for the better?

Does this sound good?

If so, let’s talk.

"Can’t recommend Adam highly enough. I worked with Adam while going through a career transition and he helped me to explore my old thinking and arrive at new, self-guided insights I would have never arrived at on my own."

James Beaumont (BBC)

"Adam's been massively influential on me as a coaching client whilst working together throughout 2021. He's a hugely talented coach who has a knack for asking the right questions that make you think, reflect, assess, analyse and break down some of those walls you've put up in your own mind for years. I feel like this ultimately has led to a quieter mind and a more balanced me (both professionally and personally). His knowledge of the Marketing, Media and Advertising space isn't something I looked for in a coach, but the relevance of his experience makes for much more meaningful conversations knowing he's got the background of the examples we're talking through. I'd recommend Adam to any of my colleagues or friends."

Neil Jones (Digital Marketing Manager)

"Adam was recommended to me and I would highly recommend him to anyone who asked. The patience he has when I am working through tricky areas and enabling me to understand what can be holding me back from taking risks have been incredibly beneficial to me over the last year. His attention to detail when reflecting on what I’m discussing has really given me insight into myself and how I can progress my career desires."

Anna (Business Administrator)

"Adam creates such a warm and productive coaching space, I loved working with him. He seemed to instinctively know the right question to ask to get my synapses pinging! I came away from every session with fresh perspectives, energy and focus, allowing me to move forward in my life and work with renewed confidence."

Claire (Environmental Consultant)

"Working with Adam was really transformative for me, we initially worked through some current issues with my work life which led to deeper work around some long held limiting beliefs that had been holding me back. I now feel more free and confident in my whole life, not just work. The whole experience was really productive and enjoyable."

Katie (Charity Fundraising Manager)

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