Be at your best, more of the time.

Who Can Benefit from Working With Me?

You’re a founder, executive leader or an emerging leader in a creative business or function. You have the seemingly simple aim of becoming more effective at what you do and smashing your business and personal goals.

But it’s never that easy on you own, is it?

That’s where I can help, partnering with you to unleash the best of you in many ways:


  • Improving your personal effectiveness
  • Avoiding career derailment
  • Enhancing your decision making
  • Evolving your management style
  • Adapting to change during role transition


  • Increasing your emotional intelligence
  • Developing your self-belief and confidence
  • Managing conflict more effectively


  • Preparing for future leadership role
  • Developing an authentic leadership style
  • Becoming a more effective leader…now
  • Creating and leading a high performing team
  • Developing your influencing skills

Meaning Making:

  • Identifying and creating work/life balance
  • Understanding and acting upon your purpose and values

I offer 1:1 coaching over Zoom and face to face, restrictions permitting. A typical session would last 90 minutes, though 60 minute and 120 minute sessions may be preferable, depending on your goals and availability.

If you’re a business or HR leader looking to support the growth and performance of a colleague, I would agree a coaching agenda, plan and process with you and the coaching client.

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