When Your Job Becomes You

Teetering on the edge of burnout.

Just made redundant.

Exploring the first steps into retirement.

3 different situations in which several of my clients find themselves in.

All different. But united by a consistent thought:

"I used to be".

"I used to be successful. Big title. Big salary. Big bonus. Air miles. The works. But now I'm frazzled."

"I used to be lucky to have my dream job. But they had to let me go. Cutbacks and all that."

"I used to be someone who woke up relishing the day ahead, who was passionate about my work. But this industry is for young people. Time for me to step down."

For many of us, our identity is intertwined with our career. When things are good, this is no bad thing.

But when the job turns sour, or is taken away from us, we can be left in despair, feeling like a part of us has been surgically removed.

When I left Nike, I felt a huge sense of loss for a long time. I used to be the Nike guy. Then one day I wasn't. I struggled to understand who I was without it.

Coaching is a great way to re-connect with your values and purpose and re-establish your identity.

It was always there...just hidden behind 'that job'.

You'll discover how to consign "I used to be" to the past".

"I am."

"I can be".

These are the words that will define who you really are.

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