What If There's No Finish Line?

I just love the brutal simplicity of this Nike Running ad.

Though it's an oldie (from 1977 I think), the sentiment is timeless.

The message is about life as much as about running.

There will be moments when we feel like we have reached the end of the road. Often in our careers.

We may have had success. But we reach a point when we feel our personal best is behind us. That we're no longer growing. We lose our passion. Our purpose.

From experience, that's a crappy mindset to have. It pollutes everything around us.

But what if you can adopt a growth mindset, one that believes there is no finish line? That your purpose isn't fixed?

As you go through life, the world around you changes. Your needs and desires change too. You are always evolving. So can your purpose.

(If you feel 'purpose' is a bit new-age and wishy washy, 'a sense of purpose is linked to lower mortality and cardiovascular disease', according to Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine!)

If you feel your purpose is no longer serving you, or that you no longer have one, why not push back that finish line?