Listening to listen

Macca strums away on his guitar for 40 seconds or so.

The lyrics and melody are pretty meh.

Ringo and George sit and listen.

There's a cheeky yawn from George.

But no interruption.

Macca keeps riffing.

No interruption.

45 seconds into his riff, the chords and lyrics of what became Get Back emerge.

No interruption

Until, after a minute and a half, George joins in on his guitar.

Ringo starts clapping out beats.

Get Back was born.

All thanks to the gift of listening from Ringo and George.

For not believing their ideas were better than Paul's.

For giving him the space to let his creativity emerge.

As listening guru and author Nancy Kline says: "To know that you are not going to be interrupted allows your mind to dive, to skate to the edge and leap, to look under rocks, twirl, sit, calculate, stir, toss the familiar and watch new ideas billow down."

So next time you're with someone, what will you do?

Listen to interrupt.

Or listen to listen?

Just think what you might unleash.

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